PROCESS POST #9: Transmedia Integration

Trans what?

So, transmedia integration, another concept I have never heard of in my life. What exactly is transmedia integration? Well according to our good friend Google, transmedia integration is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.

Essentially, transmedia integration makes it possible for content to be dispersed amongst different markets, allowing for new audiences and new engagement. This concept is extremely useful for anyone and everyone who is trying to expand their content across multiple platforms, just like me, as car culture is global!

My Plan

The goals I have set for Vancity Exotics surround the idea of expanding this very brand-new page into something that people all around the world can relate to and add to. Currently, Vancity Exotics can be accessed through my blog, as well as through Instagram, which is just the starting point. I hope to become much more active on my blog, alongside social media, as I believe the type of content I create has no limitations, which is why people will always want more and more.

As of right now, I do not know exactly what to do to really get the page going off; however, I know that I will eventually learn how to expand my content across different sources of media and to different audiences around the world. I will begin looking into how to become a bigger page and get more attention online, in hopes of turning my passion for cars and my city into a potential business. Stay tuned!


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