PROCESS POST #7: Peer Review Advice

After reviewing Keefe’s design feedback of my blog, I realized I can make my website much better. From using a more simple font, changing the background image, experiencing different colour palettes, to ultimately having a social media presence. I understand where Keefe is coming from, as my website design and layout may not be the best for a car blog. I will be making quite a few dramatic changes to my blog, as I feel like Keefe’s advice is quite constructive and he genuinely is excited to see where this blog will go, which is both motivating and inspiring.


I took Keefe’s advice and decided to go for a more simple typography, alongside adding my social media, thanks to Keefe! Here is a screenshot of the new site!

Update Pt.2:

So, I decided to take a complete leap of faith and create a super fun and out of the ordinary blog with a unique theme that definitely helps show off my content. I am actually super happy with this!


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