PROCESS POST #5: Design Decisions

When I had the time to really be on the internet and explore things on the worldwide web, I would always visit YouTube, Rolls Royce and Stone Island. These websites are my most frequently visited and my favourite, due to content and overall design layouts.

YouTube is a very simple site, with a primary white theme with hints of red throughout the website, making it easy to navigate through and creating a common place for consumers; meaning that a white and red website usually refers to YouTube. Rolls Royce and Stone Island are just two brands that I enjoy and admire, as they both signify my personality through different forms of art. Cars, I love, so I naturally gravitate towards Rolls Royce, as it is more than just a car, it is a brand, an attitude, a symbol of success and individuality, which all intrigue me. As for Stone Island, I have been a customer of theirs because I like their articles of clothing, from the history of the brand to the looks of the clothes and the way it fits and other factors, such as exclusivity and brand awareness. The websites are simple and display everything at a forefront, making it super easy for the visitor to navigate through and assist in giving the visitor a fun experience.

From huge images, to bold statements and usage of specific fonts, it is all inspiring to me. The websites have a flow and harmony to them, ensuring nothing feels out of place. It is hard to put it into words as to why I like these sites and why I visit them. Essentially, I go to YouTube for entertainment, I visit Rolls Royce for motivation and I head over to Stone Island for inspiration.


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