PROCESS POST #4: Mapping Out My Site

Recently more than usual, I have not had any time to be on social media or to be on here editing my website and being on top of my assignments. We all have busy lives, and we can all manage to make time for our priorities, but in these past few weeks I have had no motivation to get my things straight. Circumstances out of my reach have been hogging most, if not all my time. My social media usage went from a few hours a day texting, snapping and scrolling on the gram to only using my phone to answer and make calls. My online presence at the beginning of this semester was pretty solid, as I was an active user of social media, used to post here and there and was always up to date on the latest trends. At the moment, my online presence has not been as strong, as I have been forced to allocate my time towards other things in my life, which sucks because its becomes so tough to balance my education and personal life. I used to be on my phone all the time… literally replying to people within 10 seconds and really just having so much extra time on my hands to do useless things. I have been getting better however, at making time for more important things because I really want my website to be one of the best, not just aesthetically but also content wise.

My personal instagram account is private, as anonymity has always been something not just I, but everyone else also wants to preserve. Starting a public account for my website is going to be different as anyone and everyone can view what I will be posting, yet I am not anxious, as I know I will be posting content to do with my website, and not my personal life. I have the urge to actually make a fun instagram account, that not only just serves its purpose for this class, but keeps on going after this class. My passion for cars goes deeper and further than just creating something for this course, which is why I feel like my instagram will be pretty popping even after this class. I know my website has a lot of potential to become entertaining and fun to visit. I will be creating an Instagram profile for my site, which will highlight the finest vehicles around the Vancouver area.

With the immense presence of car enthusiasts in our community, it is always fascinating to find the most unique and fun vehicles. For my website, I want to keep a clean theme with a black and white vibe, just because it is appealing to me and it is not overly complicated with colours. My PUB101 content will live on the main homepage, from where visitors can easily navigate through my about page, my process posts and my assignments. I finally have a solid idea of where I want my website to go, and I am excited about how I am going to lay everything out. One thing I do not like about my site is the actual design, which can be changed through selecting a different theme, but I had a specific layout in my head, which I hope to bring to life in the upcoming weeks.


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