PROCESS POST #3: Installation and Setup

I have been slacking due to an insane month jam-packed with things outside of school, which is why I am now catching up. However, so far, I feel like I am on the right path and am getting the hang of how to use WordPress. Thanks to YouTube videos I have been able to get my blog posts correct and have been able to learn how to customize the site, alongside picking themes. I am a fan of Wix, as it allows for so much control over customization and overall aesthetics, not to mention, it is super user friendly and easy to use. No worries though, it is always good to challenge yourself so I am trying to maneuver my way around WordPress in hopes of building an amazing site.

My hopes were to create a clean, minimalistic and futuristic website, but I am having trouble on the customization aspect because I do not know whether or not I am able to change certain things. For example, I do not like the way my website is looking at the moment because I had a different vision of what it would look like, and it is not close, so fingers crossed, I will ask for extra help and I hope I will figure it out… I have lots of hope haha! Im more so frustrated with the limitations of WordPress, more-so than the actual work we are assigned, as I can manage the workload, it is the overall dissatisfaction that is bothering me because I wish to think myself as a perfectionist so it is pretty annoying.


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