PROCESS POST #8: Analytics and Data

Analytics, data and statistics can be very beneficial tools for expanding one’s business. These tools allow content creators the luxury of studying the behaviour and activity of consumers, which helps owners curate better services for their audience, both present and future. The fact that we can study interactions and activity on our sites means we can see what people are gravitating more towards, and what they’re less likely to engage in, giving the creators the upper hand in knowing what people really want.

On the other hand, these tools can also be misused by companies and content creators, as they may exploit certain factors that people find intriguing. That may not sound bad; however, I have noticed in my own life that if I am on google looking something up, lets say the new iPhone 11, that similar suggestions will pop up on my instagram feed as well, which is pretty violating and creepy. It has become a household meme now across social media, where people are skeptical about if whether or not companies are selling data or are violating encryption laws that allow for private browsing.


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