For this week, we were assigned to write a constructive piece of feedback on another Peer’s blog, while assessing the marketability to their targeted audience. I will be reviewing Katinka Neumann’s blog, titled “A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Self Care”. Katinka created this awesome blog as a way to be less harsh on herself and by appreciating herself more, through self care tips and trying new therapeutic experiences!

From the first click onto her blog, I love what is going on with the overall theme and outlay of the website. I like the use of white and yellow as the primary colours, which give off a positive, happy vibe. The side menu makes it super easy to navigate through and to find whatever you are looking for, which is fitting for a blog whose goal is to be more easy going. I also appreciate her going the extra mile and creating a logo, which quickly summarizes what her blog is about. In Katinka’s own words, this blog is an attempt at holding herself accountable to being kind to herself, which is super unique and is positive, which is always needed.

Just like most of us, if I’m not mistaken, Katinka also believes that school is rough and that we often are too hard on ourselves, further deepening the stress and agony. I think that is why I like this blog, because it serves self realization. Yes, we all go through things and yes sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, but at the end of the day, everything is alright, and I love that. I feel like this blog is universally relatable, as both girls and guys go through the school system , hitting rough spots and making progress; not to mention, we all are too hard on ourselves and can take something from Katinka.

If I had to categorize this blog, it would all under self care and/or self love, as Katinka attempts to promote this message throughout the blog, by experimenting with new things, posting funny and attention grabbing graphics, to a very likeable online self she has created. She is just a student, who is trying her best to achiever her goals and this is her way to stay grounded and to ensure she maintains her sanity when the going gets tough, which is often for all of us (sadly). I like how she keeps her messages short, simple, and to the point, which allows her audience to stay engaged and interested in her creative content. Our attention span is not very long, unless we are looking at something that genuinely interests us and relates to us, which is what Katinka has done with this blog here. As a University student myself, I too can relate to what she expresses, and I am not a girl, yet it still resonates with me, which tells me it will hit home with everyone else too.

Although I find no shortcomings in this blog or have any sort of vices with it, I do have one very small suggestion, which ironically I should take myself, and that is social media. Katinka has so many interesting factors related to herself and her posts that she can make new posts on Instagram daily, allowing her to reach a wider audience, maybe even helping someone in need of a blog like this. I also need to get my social media going, because we all know social media is our lives right now and we are always on our phones or on our computers, scrolling, tapping, double tapping, all day long, which is what people will do if Katinka decided to be even more active on social media. The self care and self love market is huge, as people are always searching to better themselves, thus why so many bloggers are popular because of their personalities and relate-ability, and I believe Katinka would be one of those people.


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