This week I had the pleasure of reviewing Keefe’s blog, titled “100 days of sketching”, which is exactly what it sounds like. Keefe has dedicated his blog towards improving his sketching skills by challenging himself to make 100 sketches by the end of this semester. Below is my review of this unique blog!


Keefe’s blog focuses on art and progression, which is why I suggest you aim for a theme that looks more like a sketchbook, which can also display your progression as time goes on. Maybe use more design elements, such as a background image or try a different theme that allows you to add more content on the front page. It would be interesting to see how you might implement some of my advice for this blog.

Colour Scheme

You made it very easy to navigate around your blog, with the use of black and white throughout, giving off that clean, modern look. Like I suggested above, I feel like you should add more design elements, which are also black and white, or even some grey-ish tones, like a lead pencil. I think it would be super cool to maybe put a lined paper type theme on your blog, making the lines a dark blue or even black, really giving off the real sketchbook vibe.


I feel like the font you have used is very easy to read and gives off a very clean look; however, I feel like you could do a more daring font for headers, as you are more of an artistic blog. Not to say that your font is not good enough, but it would be more exciting to see some more interesting fonts. I like the simplicity of using black coloured font, contrasted with dark grey writing throughout.

Social Media

Like myself, you also need to add this to your blog. I think instagram would be the best option, literally uploading pictures of your sketches whenever you draw. Instagram would allow you to display all your work in chronological order, while allowing you to see all your sketches at a single glance.


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