For this assignment, I will be reviewing Genevieve Gignac’s blog, a website guided towards tips and experiences for University students!

Off the bat, I was welcomed with a beautiful header and picture of a skyline, really setting the mood of the blog. A very clean, easy to navigate around, comprehensive website, which I both appreciate and admire. Straight to the point, with no unnecessary cluttering of content, making this a pleasant website to visit. Genevieve did an amazing job using neutral colours, giving off a soft look, promoting her overall aesthetic of her site.

After going through her ‘about’ page , I learned that she is studying as a Communication Major with a Minor in Publishing. She is passionate about writing, fashion, beauty and living a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, Genevieve talks about her internship experience and recommends that more students try to look for an internship, as it not only keeps you out of trouble and puts some money in your pocket, but it also helps develop skills and enhance your resume. Genevieve has more of a personal blog, which inevitably drives the viewer to learn about the author, creating an “online self”. Unlike some authors who create a false representation of themselves online, Genevieve does not do that. She stays true to herself, and talks about things that most people can relate to, which makes the reader enjoy her website, and like her as a person. She does a great job with her website, and its exciting to know that this is just the beginning.

In terms of the site, it is very easy to navigate through, as there are ‘home’, ‘about’, ‘blog’ and ‘posiel’ tabs, making it super simple to use. I really liked her post titled “Effortless Ways To Look Put-Together On Campus This Fall”, which is extremely relevant to students. She showcases essential articles of clothing, from boots and scarves, to turtlenecks and jeans, alongside giving some insight towards what purpose they serve and where to purchase the items she is wearing. It is quite evident that Genevieve knows how to use WordPress, as she has made a solid website, which highlights her purpose of “a series of tips and stories about my journey to health and happiness in University”. I am confident that Genevieve will continue to make this website better as she gets more and more comfortable with using this interface, and I hope to see more content from her, especially about future outfits as the seasons change and even some personal experiences, which can help future University student through their schooling journeys.


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