MINI ASSIGNMENT #2: Bruce Wayne’s Billionaire Advice

Yes, I am a billionaire. Yes, I drive a Lambo. Yes, I am the greatest to dawn the suit. But, that does not mean I should not strive for more. I understand that WordPress is kicking your ass, but Bane was kicking mine, and before that, the Joker. But guess what? I did not quit, I took the whoopings and I came out victorious, which is what you must do to achieve excellence and greatness.

I know I am not Batman anymore, but I am still the OG, I am still THE Dark Knight, so listen closely. First, do not let your fears consume you, I used to be afraid of the dark, until I was molded by it, now I live amongst the darkest of them all, the bats. University can consume you, it can be depressing, stressful, annoying and just as hard as being the saviour of Gotham, but, you must do what you need to do to accomplish your goals. My years of pain and suffering has led me to overcome my fears, my weaknesses and my insecurities… now I am a symbol, an icon, a legend, much more than I would ever be if I just gave up.

Always remember, hard work beats talent, when talents fails to work hard. So, watch those YouTube videos, stay up until the next day, do whatever is necessary to get the job done because we only fail so we can learn to pick ourselves back up.

– Christian Bale aka. Batman. aka Dark Knight. aka Bruce Wayne


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